of clubs and padel academies

We have been managing padel clubs and academies in Mallorca for more than 15 years. And also advising clubs in Italy and Sweden. We are characterized by understanding the club as a community and we have developed processes and a work model that we can reproduce in your center.

Management of the club

We organize your club in a comprehensive way. We know absolutely all the areas of a club and we can analyze ir to find out where to get the most profitability. We train the staff and give them arguments to develop their work method. We have procedure manuals for reception tasks, monitors, maintenance managers, coordinator, director and store staff. All under the same principle, create a community in your club. Also, as with the Padel academy, we offer the possibility of co-managing the club or even renting it.

Management and organization of your padel academy

We organize and manage the padel school or academy in your club. We can also organize the A2 SPORTS PADEL Academy at your facilities. We guarantee you working programs adapted to different levels and continuous training of the coaches.We can also guarantee a proven work method and a comprehensive padel teaching. We will teach you how you should teach padel.

Management of sports clubs

After many years of managing padel clubs, schools or academies we have created different procedures with which we can help improve the operation of your club.

Customer service, reception, shop, bar and trainers working with the same procedure

You can never forget the fact that your clients go to your club to practice sports but above all to have a good time. How to promote the welfare state in your club without stopping billing is one of the great secrets of this sector.

And something so simple to understand is often very complicated to carry out and often creates confusion for the staff themselves. For this we have a series of procedures for each person in the club where we focus on how to do it, how to manage complaints and how to sell more services.

Comprehensive administrative management of the padel club, staff, schools, tournaments, sponsors, etc.

It is possible that if you are opening a club or managing one you are asking yourself some of the following questions:
Who is your best client? Who is your best monitor? How to organize a tournament? What kind of tournaments should I organize and why? What is more profitable: a parent-child event or a professional tournament? What does each of them bring me? How many employees do I need in my company? Positive and negative aspects of self-management of the shop and bar.

We can guide you with which of all these decisions is best for your company. We have work methods with which we can measure billing by days, weeks, months, years and know where you should improve.

Own or outsourced management of you padel academy. Administration, training of the coaches and working programs adapted to different levels

We currently have one of the largest padel academies in Mallorca. We have reached an agreement with the Palma Pádel club and we are in charge of providing lessons at their club. We have more than 400 students.

Outsourcing the teaching of your club can help you with questions such as: What type of trainer should I hire? How do I control the administration of the academy? How do I guarantee that there is a level program so that I do not depend purely and exclusively on the monitor? What happens if the monitor goes to another club?

According to us a good working system and a well-organized team of coaches is one of the keys to customer retention. How to that is our specialty.

Padel clinics for groups from Mallorca or off-island groups

We organize classes for groups in Mallorca. We receive players from Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Qatar, Germany, France and other countries.

Contact us and we will make a personalized training plan. We train players of all levels and we can organize matches or events with local players.

We can also help you with the booking of hotel, cars or restaurants. We are in contact with many companies to provide a more complete service.

We can also organize a padel clinic at you club with one or more of our trainers.

Training of coaches

Currently and for more than 6 years  we have been working in the Training Area of ​​the Balearic Padel Federation. One of our directors is one of those responsible for that area.

More than 15 years teaching coaches from Mallorca. We have also taught trainers from Sweden and Italy.

We have to formats to carry out the training of the coaches:

  • We travel to your club and we teach you coaches team.
  • We receive your team in Mallorca. We plan a specific course and they will be able to experience our working method live.

All our trainings have a theoretical and practical part. They are aimed at all levels of education: initiation, medium and advanced; more effective teaching methods, communication with the student, student retention, types of students, etc.

Team competitions


Is it profitable to have a team in your club? What does it give to you and your club? How much money does it cost to have teams? Is it the same to have a first category team or third category one? Should we participate in all the available competitions?

Many of these are the questions that we have received over time. It’s clear that we believe that the teams are an important part of the clubs but it is not the same for all clubs. Most of the times depends on the service they offer and what actions are taken around these teams.


It is very easy for clients to walk into the club and book a court or hire a trainer for a lesson. What is not so easy is make the same client return to our club for more than 10 years.