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More than 15 years of experience in the padel world. We are a company that has managed to manage and overcome large and important clubs on Mallorca. The A2 Sports Pádel curriculum ranges from trainers training, high-level sporting events to the complete management of various clubs.


I’m Adrián Argañarás, and I’ve been in Spain since 2007. Before moving to Mallorca I’ve worked in Buenos Aires with Nito Brea at the classic club Monasterio.

Together with Nito we opened the Palma Pádel club in Palma and I was  in charge of the management. Since then I have not stopped working in the management of padel clubs, organization of workin teams and training.

At present we have returned to Palma Pádel with A2 Sports Padel, where we take care of the comprehensive management of teaching.

AT A2 Sports Pádel

we are a team

Along the way, Pablo Pelassini joins the work team at Pins Pádel as a trainer. Actually he is a fundamental part of A2 Sports Padel due to his organizational capacity and his performance as a trainer. He is a reference of the Balearic padel and a recognized monitor in Sweden and Italy.

Adrián Argañarás Fernández


Born in Argentina and with Spanish nationality, he has been dedicated to the world of padel for more than 20 years. As a padel instructor he is characterized by the ease when it comes to transmitting game concepts and the ability to find a game system adapted to the student’s possibilities.

He teaches training for instructors and is responsible of the training area of ​​the Balearic Padel Federation.

As manager and creator of the A2 Sports Pádel brand, he directed Palma Pádel together with Nito Brea, which became an absolute success and brought padel to the masses in that city. From 2011 he also directed Pins Pádel together with Palma Pádel.

In 2014 he became the exclusive director of Pins Pádel, doubling the club’s occupancy in two years. During that period he organized the Padel World Cup, World Padel Tour 2015 and 2016, and the club was named a 5-star club by Padel Guide.

After the sale of Pins Pádel, he moved to Sa Font Seca, where he reopened a club that was closed on the outskirts of Mallorca under the name of A2 Sports and managed it for 4 years. Currently, he has returned to his first club in Mallorca, Palma Padel, where he manages all the classes and schools with A2 Sports Padel, forming a team of 9 monitors and serving more than 300 students.

In 2021, together with Jose Luis “Tata” Echegaray, he published the book “Management of Padel Sports Facilities”.


Pablo Pelassini


De 2010 a 2013 fué integrante del Cuerpo Técnico de la Selección Argentina de Menores de Pádel. Campeón Panamericano 2010, Subcampeón Mundial 2011, Campeón Panamericano 2012. De 2012 a 2013 fué coordinador y Profesor en Entrenar Pádel Profesional, centro de entrenamiento intensivo en el club Estación Norte.

De 2013 llegó a Mallorca y empezó como monitor en Pins Pádel Club, a partir de 2016 se unió con A2 Sports Pádel hasta la fecha.

como jugador

  • 2008 - 2013

    Jugador Profesional de Padel, compitiendo en el Circuito Profesional de la Asociación Argentina de Padel (APP)

  • 2014

    Jugador World Pádel Tour

  • 2015

    Campeón de España por Equipos - 3º Categoría Absoluto

  • 2017

    Campeón Absoluto de Mallorca por parejas
    Subcampeón Absoluto de Baleares por parejas

  • 2018

    Campeón Absoluto de Mallorca por parejas
    Campeón Absoluto de Baleares por parejas
    Campeón de Italia por Equipos Absoluto - Serie C
    Campeón de Suecia por Equipos Absoluto


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